NFRCC Photo Conference 2022


The NFRCC Photo Conference will be held in Canada this year at the newly renovated world-class facility, for an experience of a lifetime.

Sheraton On The Falls 5875 Falls Avenue, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Located on the 20 acre Falls Avenue Resort, the Sheraton offers indoor connections to great restaurants, attractions and shopping, including a mouth-watering Hershey’s Chocolate Store. Sheraton on the Falls has special room rates for the Conference Attendees.

Off Site Parking

There is Discounted Parking ($15 per day) for all NFRCC Photo Conference Attendees in the on-site parking garage. 

Parking is available at the Hotel at reduced rates for conference attendees. There are several other offsite parking lots in the area.

Border Crossing Info

Visitors from the USA:

Approximately 28 million visitors cross the border every year from the United States into Canada by car and an additional 17 million visitors a year arrive by airplane or boat from the USA and all other countries across the globe.

US citizens are required to carry a valid US Passport to enter Canada.

Other accepted documents include:
* NEXUS card
* U.S. Passport Card
* Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL)

The Rainbow Bridge takes the US traveler directly to Clifton Hill. It filters vehicles onto River Road, and from there it is only a couple of minutes’ drive to view the majestic Falls and come upon Clifton Hill.

It is the fifth-largest land border port of entry for total traveler volumes entering Canada. It features four lanes over the Niagara River and gorge, nearest to the Niagara Falls, connecting Niagara Falls, Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York.

The port of entry is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Currently, there are 13 traveler lanes, including 1 designated bilingual lane. There are no commercial or NEXUS lanes.

The Rainbow Bridge is one of the faster international bridges crossing the two borders into Canada. Tour bus lanes are designated and pedestrians are permitted on the Pedestrian Walk Way.

For more information, please visit or The Canada Border Services Agency.

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